The company’s primary mission will fall into these categories:

(1) real estate investment activities, including buying, renovation and selling and/or holding real estate assets;

SunBiz Capital LLC, and the principals are experienced in the full range of real estate investment management, acquisition, renovation, development, and finance. Its team of real estate investment professionals works closely with its global network of private real estate investors. Research analysts draw upon and contribute to a global transfer of ideas and information. We believe the Company’s integrated approach to real estate research makes this platform unique, and provides clients with a comprehensive view of the true South Florida real estate market.

The Company will benefit from Mr. Fawcett’s investment approaches in residential and commercial real estate investments across a range of strategies and local geographies. Investment strategies span the risk/return spectrum, from core to opportunistic, and include diversified investments as well as those focused on a specific property type and/or region. The primary activity of the Company on principles of the Company will be to identify real assets and purchase them for its existing client base, renovate them and sell them for a low risk return. Therefore the portfolio hold is expected to be short term.

The Company maintains close direct relationships with investors as well as with affiliated mortgage broker sources nationwide, and affiliated partners globally.

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