PRIVATE MORTGAGE OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERIOUS INVESTORS                                                                      interest-income-comparison-over-20-years                                                                                  Getting In Your Stock Market Account?

If you are trying to generate a retirement income by following conventional strategies and investing in the equities  markets, you’re probably watching your dismally performing portfolio barely keep up with inflation or, worse yet, losing value. It may be time to consider turning to alternative low-risk, high yielding investments. That’s right: low risk with HIGH YIELDS.

Discover how private mortgages may be a great investment vehicle for you, let us help:

Is Turning $250,000 into $1,498,950.49 in 15 Years a Good Enough Reason?

Take a look at the chart below. It’s hard to believe it, but if you invested $250,000 in a 3% CD (and who’s even getting 3% these days?) that compounded twelve times per year, after 15 years you would have a little over $390,000. If you invested that money in private mortgages with Realty Wholesalers Funding and averaged 12% returns on your money, after 15 years you would have $1,498,950.49. That’s a difference of $1,107,092.56!

DC Fawcett, Founding Member of Sunbiz Capital wonders if you could you use an extra $1.1 million in your bank account after 15 years?

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